About Us

Established in 2012, our business has grown and has established 2 different cuisines with 3 distinct concepts in the world of Food & Beverage.

In Japanese cuisine we have our marquee restaurant concept Sushia – Izakaya. For the casual concept is our Sushia – Sushi Roll & Fresh Bar. Peoplecafe is where it all began with a modern cafe concept catering to all demographics.

Our brands have built a significant and loyal customer base across all markets including Corporate, Casual & Weekend Diners and Tourists.

Sushia – Sushi Roll & Fresh Bar specializes in traditional and modern Japanese food for people on the run.

Sushia – Izakaya has become Australia’s premier modern Japanese dining destination, being positioned in some of Australia’s most significant CBD’s and developments.

Finally PeopleCafe offers the ultimate Cafe experience in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. PeopleCafe gives our customers a place to eat, drink, and relax.

We offer a superior standard of service, food and drink, everytime, to everyone.

Whatever the mood or occasion, whether it be great or small, the staff of Elleo Group will welcome you for an unforgettable experience.